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In the late 1820’s the first major United States gold rush began in Dahlonega, GA not far from Hiwassee. Because of the gold rush in 1830 the US Congress passed a bill. President Andrew Jackson signed into law that the Native Americans would be relocated to Oklahoma. The Choctaw were the first to go and as one chief stated “this is a trail of tears.” Many thousands died along the way from disease and exposure to the elements. The Cherokee were a dominant Indian tribe in the area. A few bands avoided capture by going deep into the Appalachian Mts. There were the Cherokee, the Choctaw, the Creek, and Chickasaws. A proud and strong people whose history is still alive today in the North GA Mountains. Even today you can still pan for gold for a fee in Dahlonega, GA. Gene “Snuffy” Driggers, Ken and Nadine Schwartz welcome all to the beautiful North GA Mountains alive with beauty and history.

P.S. Hiwassee translated into English means “meadow”

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